Client Reviews

Hershorin & Henry kept me updated on the case throughout the process, they sought out every avenue for a positive resolution, and they did not stop until they achieved positive results.

Victor N


Hershorin & Henry provided me with valuable assistance with an employment issue. What really distinguishes Hershorin and Henry is the people that truly care about the client’s needs.



No words can adequately express how thankful we are to have Lori Hershorin as our lawyer. Throughout the legal process she has been extremely knowledgeable, responsive, gracious and caring. Her efforts are truly appreciated!



I have hired Ms. Lori Hershorin to represent me on numerous occasions ranging from sale of real estate, business start-up and meditation for medical malpractice.

I have found Ms. Hershorin and her staff to be exemplary in providing me with direction and information on my litigation matters in a comprehensive and most important, timely manner. I hold Ms. Hershorin and the firm of Hershorin and Henry in the highest regard and would not hesitate to recommend her and company for legal matters.



I was in very deep with a predatory lending situation before I brought Lori in to help me mitigate the damages of my inexperience.

I was shocked at how fast she was able to identify key issues and change the situation around from the predatory lender’s benefit to mine. She gave me specific instructions of things to do at the walkthrough that I never would have known or thought about on my own. Clearly, the lender’s attorneys had no idea what had hit them. In the end, a situation that was heading for a bad ending ended up working out for me and my partner because of Lori’s knowledge of the law, quick action, and understanding of the situation.

The next time I bought a house, my first act was to take the purchase agreement and run it past Lori because I knew she would find anything out of the ordinary in the agreement.

In another matter, she represented my family in a case where someone was injured on our property. While we were sorry for that person’s injury, the individual sued us for what we believed to be an exorbitant amount. Lori was able to work with the other individual’s attorney to a workable settlement that both sides accepted as extremely fair.

Lori Hershorin is an excellent attorney, and I highly recommend her when you are looking for someone to take your case.



Lori Hershorin’s knowledge of the law and legal principals is extensive to develop a legal strategy in pursuit of your legal needs regarding litigation, appeals and meditation. She thoroughly understands all the facts of a case and compassionately works with you to develop a winning strategy. Lori’s professionalism, partnership and the quality of work at Hershorin and Henry are top in the Industry. I highly recommend the services of this law firm.



I have worked with Lori Hershorin at Hershorin and Henry for about five years now. I first requested help for a personal matter and then again once I acquired a new company. She is extremely knowledgeable and never over promises. Every decision is well thought out and explained so that you, as a client, are making conscious decisions.

I have been in leadership roles in companies for the last twenty years and have never worked with such a capable and diverse attorney. When our case ventured into tax law and there was a question she wasn’t 100% confident in she consulted with another attorney to be sure. This is important because it means she doesn’t give advice without being sure of the law.

We never once needed to question an invoice for the time spent. We will use Lori Hershorin at Hershorin and Henry for all of our legal needs.

Ann Marie


Mrs. Hershorin has represented me on different occasions for totally different reasons. She was always very professional but made certain that I understood all of the ramifications and the legal jargon. I would not hesitate to recommend or to rehire her. She is diligent, hardworking, and very knowledgeable of the law. I am proud to recommend her.



I have had the opportunity to work directly with Lori Carver Hershorin AND her law firm Hershorin & Henry numerous times. You will never find a more knowledgeable attorney that clearly understands the issues in regards to real property, homeowner rights, lender rights and title insurer. This firm is our Go to for any legal issue that may arise. I will not recommend anyone else other than Hershorin and Henry. They are the professionals that will assist and have great results.

H Cassel