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Notable Client Results

  1. Represented Lender secured by multi-family properties prevailed at trial of bankruptcy adversary action and was awarded accrued default interest on matured loan.
  2. Prevailed at demurrer on 30 related mass-tort/personal injury claims against non-profit hospital client resulting in dismissals with prejudice of client.
  3. Represented heir at trial and prevailed on her challenge the parent’s living trust was not valid as being the product of sibling’s undue influence.
  4. Successfully obtained summary judgment in mechanic’s lien case to clear title on real property, breach of contract case, validating over a million dollar deed of trust on real property, breach of contract case regarding sale of commercial property.
  5. Successfully obtained summary judgment in favor of lender quieting title to residential property, judgment in favor of title company, lender, and servicer in slander of title, violation of Civil Code section 1798.93, and cancellation of cloud on title case and defeating alleged fraudulent transfer claim.
  6. Obtained release of $1,000,000 lien on real property without settlement payment.
  7. Successfully obtained an early dismissal with prejudice of a lawsuit brought by a serial adverse possessor against a real estate investor client in less than six months, without engaging in formal discovery, moving for summary judgment or proceeding to trial.
  8. Successfully settled a contentious dispute between a third-party purchaser and an national industry-leading REO-seller client regarding an HOA disclosure issues in less than one year without the need for any litigation.
  9. Successfully negotiated and achieved relocation of a high-risk tenant for a landlord client without formal dispute resolution or litigation, in less than three months, and without any damage to the landlord’s property or reputation.
  10. Successfully negotiated a release for a national escrow company client involved in bitter and antagonistic litigation between a hospital and it’s high-profile buyers, without client paying for said release or paying for its attorney’s fees and costs out-of-pocket.
  11. Obtained a release of over million dollar lien on client’s real property without client paying for said release, and within approximately 6 months of filing lawsuit.
  12. Successfully settled a frivolous personal injury and premises liability case, where theplaintiff demanded over $360,000.00, for only $1,500.00. Caused to be dismissed meritless fraud causes of action, which are now being asserted in medical malpractice actions.
  13. Successfully defended bank clients against wrongful foreclosure actions, and has helped resolve, in her employer clients’ favor, baseless wrongful termination and retaliation actions.
  14. H&H successfully determine appeals court that an escrow office has an absolute right to interplead funds regardless if purchase agreement contains provisions the interpleader statute provision.
  15. H&H has resolved the most contentious release of the deposited escrow funds within 24 to 48 hours of the filing of the interpleader with the court.


Lori Hershorin gives back to the community by participating in workshops for the Business Club at SMCH designed to foster the growth of students in the business setting. Ms. Hershorin stated: “Most students have never interviewed and have never learned how to act in a professional office environment. It is important to get students engaged and interested in learning about these critical life skills that normal classes do not cover.” – Lori Hershorin. Ms. Hershorin intends to provide additional workshops to the students in the upcoming school year.

Speak for Escrow Training Institute at National University in Costa Mesa on CFPB Compliance for Escrow Companies

Speak for Upland Claremont Real Estate Professional Group on new developments in Brokerage Law for 2014 and 2015

Speak for Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors on All-Inclusive Trust Deeds and Other Conventional and Unconventional Lending Options and the New CFPB Lending Rules

Speak for California Escrow Association on Escrow Holder General Provisions

Thai Community Development Center’s 20th Anniversary Gala entitled “Rise of the Thai Americans Gala,” paying tribute to the accomplishments of Thai Americans in this country and their important and significant contributions to our economy, political landscape and social, and cultural fabric. This event will be attended by local and national politicians.

Legal Aid Society of Orange County Annual Dinner & Fundraiser. Honorees: Access to Justice Award – Hon. Sheila Prell Sonenshine (Ret.); Lifetime Achievement Award – Crystal Sims, Former LASOC Director of Litigation; Outstanding Community Service Award – Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.