Preliminary Hearings – Why you should be prepared

If you are an attorney or appearing without an attorney in an arbitration, you should be well prepared for the preliminary hearing.  Due to the little detail provided in a demand to arbitrate, it is essential for you to understand that arbitrator usually sets essential dates for the arbitration.  Since only a limited amount of […]

Dispute Resolution Options for Lengthy Title Claims

Title Insurers and Policyholders Can Move Their Claims Forward by Using an Experienced Neutral to Resolve Even the Most Difficult Disputes Policyholder Issues Title insurance claims are on the rise in this pandemic.  Communications between the title insurance companies and their insureds making claims are focused on several issues that can give rise to an […]

2 days to apply for rent funding – deadline 2/28/21

SMALL PROPERTY OWNERS AND TENANTS:    ON FEBRUARY 28, 2021, THE WINDOW WILL BE CLOSED FOR LANDLORDS AND TENANTS TO PARTICIPATE IN A NEWLY ENACTED RENT FUNDING PROGRAM   In late January 2021, California passed legislation to assist landlord and tenants with back rents accrued since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced in March, 2020.  Under this […]

Do you need Title Insurance? Who does it protect? What is it for?

WHAT IS TITLE INSURANCE?  DO YOU NEED IT? What is title insurance, other than words that sound expensive? Here is how title insurance works, how to decide whether to purchase a policy, and the costs you can expect to pay. What is title insurance? Title insurance is protection from a financial loss related to ownership […]

Title Insurance Valid Claims – Do you have one?

DO YOU HAVE A VALID TITLE INSURANCE CLAIM? CONDITIONS, STIPULATIONS, EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS MAY APPLY PRECLUDING COVERAGE.   Title insurance can help provide the home buyer and/or the mortgage lender necessary protection against losses resulting from unknown defects in the title to property that occurs prior to the closing of a real estate transaction.  Title […]