Title & Escrow Litigation


Practice Areas

  • Nationwide Resolution of Multiple Title Issues
  • Mobile Home Title Problems
  • Legal Description Errors
  • Prior Liens, Judgments, Mechanic’s Liens
  • Unrecorded Mortgages, Security Instructions, Deeds of Trusts
  • Title Underwriting and Title Examination
  • Title Research
  • Claims Handling
  • Bank Underwriting
  • Home Mortgage and Loan Processes
  • Coverage Analysis under Title Policies
  • Analysis of Complex Documents Recorded in Chain of Title
  • Working with Borrowers and Lenders in resolving lien issues
  • Working with Insureds and Lenders on Reforming or Correcting Errors on Deeds of Trusts
  • Working with Insureds and Lenders on Resolving Mistakes on Recorded Documents
  • Identity theft
  • Conflicting claims of lien priority
  • Partnership Dissolutions
  • Forgery
  • Escrow and “sub-escrow” negligence
  • Easements
  • Claims of escrow defalcation
  • Boundary and encroachment disputes